2022 Elections


Positions which will be elected at the November 8, 2022 General Election:


Elective Office Length of Term Position Currently Held by:
Mayor 2 years Wayne Stuart
Councilor at Large 4 years Jack Bird
Councilor at Large 4 years Rick Kempa
Councilor at Large 4 years Sherrie Moss


How to file for Candidacy

Candidates and/or Chief Petitioners may obtain nominating petitions from the Election Official in the City Recorders Office, at 133 Broadway, Rogue River City Hall or online at www.oregonvotes.gov.

Petition Requirements

Petitions are required to contain signatures of registered voters that reside within the City limits of Rogue River, as follows:

  • Mayor: 20-signatures of registered voters within the City limits.
  • Councilor at Large: 20-signatures of registered voters within the City limits.

Registered voters may not sign more than one petition of nomination for the office of Mayor and for the office of City Councilor up to four. Petitions should contain 5-10 additional signatures than required in the event there are difficulties in verifying qualified electors.

Deadline for filing for positions for the November 8, 2022 General Election

As per the City Charter, the deadlines for filing nominating positions for City positions, for the November 8, 2022 General Election is August 11, 2022, 5:00 p.m. Petitions must be completed and filed with the Elections Official in the City Recorders Office, at 133 Broadway, Rogue River, prior to the filing deadline to allow sufficient time to have signatures verified by the Jackson County Clerks’ Office.


Once a Candidate has filed for election, there are specific reporting periods for contributions and expenditures. Reporting deadline information is available with the Elections Official (reporting schedule and Campaign Finance Manual).


A qualified elector who has resided in the City during the 12-months immediately preceding the election and a registered voter may be nominated for an elective City office to be filed at the election.


  1. Complete and file a Candidate Filing - Major Political Party or Nonpartisan form (SEL101) marked “PROSPECTIVE Petition”;
  2. Once the City Elections Official accepts the (SEL101) your will be provided with three Candidate Signature Sheets/Nonpartisan form (SEL121) accompanied with the Petition Submission (SEL388). The City Elections Official must give written approval prior to circulation of petitions. Again, it is recommended the candidate obtain more than the required number of signatures on petitions to ensure a sufficient number of valid signatures.
  3. Signature sheets (SEL 121) accompanied with the Petition Submission (SEL 338) must be returned to the City Elections Official to have signatures verified by the County Clerks’ Office. Applicants should allow ample time for the verification process to be completed before 5:00 p.m. on August 5, 2022.
  4. To file a Candidate Withdrawal (SEL150) it must be filed with the City Elections Officer no later than 5:00 p.m. on August 25, 2022. A reason for the withdrawal must be provided on the signed form.

 Additional Information Provided

The Rogue River City Charter, Rogue River Municipal Code 2.05: Establishing Organizational Responsibilities of the Mayor and City Council Members, Rogue River Municipal Code 2.10: Establishing Procedures for City Council Meetings, and, the League of Oregon Cities “So You Want to Run for Local Office”. If you want a Secretary of State’s Office 2022 Campaign Finance Manual please contact the Elections Official at Rogue River City Hall or find it online at www.oregonvotes.gov/elections.

Rogue River Municipal Code 17.85.100(C) Campaign Signs not exceeding four square feet that concern and election shall be erected no more than 45-days prior to and removed within 7-days following an election.

Oregon Revised Statute 244.010(1) “The Legislative Assembly declares that service as a public official is a public trust and that, as one safeguard for that trust, the people require all public officials to comply with the applicable provisions of this chapter.” ORS 244.050 requires certain public officials to file an annual Statement of Economic Interest (SEI) with the Oregon Government Ethics Commission at www.oregon.gov/ogec. Elections